April Programming

During the month of March, we tackled weekly Pull-Up work, finished out the CF Open with an bang, and got to dive into the Leading Ladies week which brought some old classic and remixed female workouts. Overall March was a sort of “Prep month” to transition us into our next macro-cycle: Build.

The next three months are going to be centered around building a STRONG base both with our classic strength movements and strict gymnastics movements. We start this cycle off with 5-weeks of tempo for the Back Squat/Deadlift/Strict Press. This is not meant to be excessively heavy, it is there to reinforce position and prime everyone for our 6-week Wendler cycle that is coming next month! Until then we are in the “slow and steady” mentality during our lifting sessions.

Working strict gymnastics, specifically the Push-Up/Handstand Push-Up/Pull-Up/Ring Muscle-Up, will be another primary focus this month and next month. By developing strength in these movements, we will see kipping and its variations improve.

Our final focus is going to be Aerobic Capacity conditioning efforts. This will take shape with 15:00-18:00 minute workouts (plenty of AMRAPs/EMOMs/Chippers) that sit somewhere between RPE (Rate of Preceived Exertion) 7-8. The idea is to build your engine; the best way to do that is to keep moving during conditioning pieces. Those heavy days or sprint style workouts are sticking around, but the overall focus will be to find your 70-80% and improve it!!


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