February Programming Focus

Last month we focused heavily on the Power Snatch/ Clean + Jerk in our oly cycle to prepare us for the 2023 Open. We complimented this with a Deadlift day working on increasing loads along with seeing a Squat variation each week. Our Benchmark tests consisted of Fight Gone Bad and Elizabeth which we will see later in the year! The final cherry on top of the month of January was seeing a previous Open workout to see if we have improved AND to get us that “game day feel” to get geared for a new batch of Open workouts coming soon! 

This month we will continue the Oly Cycle culminating in a 1-Rep Test of the Power Clean/ Snatch. We will continue to see a Pull/ Squat day as well to both compliment our cycle and to continue to keep us building/ maintaining strength. Keep in mind that once the 7 week cycle ends the week of 2/13 we will not be following a “cycle” but we will still see the Squat and Pull. We will also see our third Benchmark test: Painkiller! This is a workout we have seen before in years past and has a very CF Open feel so it felt relevant to throw it into this month. 

The CF Open starts the week of February 13 (first workout announced on 2/16!). The first 3 days of the week we will train as normal…making some concessions as the Open goes along (eliminating movements and prioritizing others). Thursday we will have a For Quality workout that can act as a recovery workout for some with opportunities to still drop the hammer if anyone wants to. Friday we will program the Open workout and provide everything you could want to tackle the workout! Saturday and Sunday will be normal training days and we will rinse, wash, and repeat for the 3 weeks. For some of us, the Open is purely GO TIME while for others the Open is just another workout. No matter what your goal is, we want you to remember to have fun and trust your training! You got THIS!

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