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Hello my fit fam!! 

With all the hard work we put in at the gym, our hands take on a lot of the force with our lifts, presses, and swings! After a heavy lifting or gymnastics day, our hands can often feel sensitive and rough. Hand care is vital to keep you lifting consistently, avoiding rips, and keeping your grip strong for the next WOD. Like many of you, I’ve tried a number of different hand-care methods to alleviate some of the wear and tear. Recently, I’ve started using Heavy Handed, a hand cream specifically designed for CrossFit athletes. Not only does this hand cream absorb into your skin to help stimulate recovery after a solid lift sesh at the gym, it also absorbs so that you don’t have slippery and greasy hands! This allows you to use it frequently and go right ahead with your day, typing on a computer, opening a bottle of water, whatever it may be, without the awkward gap where your hands are too slippery to use! I have a dispenser of Heavy Handed by my computer and use it multiple times a day while working, it’s been a game changer!! We have a sample of the lotion in the office, feel free to use it after your next lifting day and you’ll see the difference! Use discount code BCF10 to get 10% off your order with the link below: (notice anything familiar on the website?? 😉🐋)


With strength and gratitude,

Coach Georgina

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